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Social Trends Institute Reports: June 2017

The Holy Land Dialogues are intended as an open forum for discussion of different ways of understanding the cultural aspects of modern social challenges.  This month we share two excepted summaries from the first event, held last November in Jerusalem:  Jewish public intellectual Eric Cohen encourages people of faith to have the courage of their convictions; and Oxford nanophysicist and Anglican theologian Andrew Briggs explains how science and faith work in tandem to explore man’s penultimate curiosity.  We are pleased to share in the final item an interview with Craig J. Iffland, after having received a prestigious fellowship. 

MAY 31

A Call for Moral Toughness in an Age of Amoral Niceness

Jewish public intellectual Eric Cohen exhorts all people of faith to work together to reassert the moral high ground of Judeo Christian civilization.

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MAY 22

Contemplating the Big Questions through Tiny Matter

Oxford nanophysicist and theologian Andrew Briggs explains how science and faith work together and alternate taking the lead, to further explore man’s penultimate curiosity.

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MAY 15

The Divine in Contemporary Legal Norms

Is there a theological defense for obliging laws that protect us from unjust harm? Craig J. Iffland seeks one, delving into theological questions with interdisciplinary scope.

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