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Social Trends Institute Reports: January 2017

As we leave 2016 behind us, we begin a new year full of challenges and uncertainties. The world is changing fast, and Social Trends Institute intends to study these changing scenarios to better understand them. STI Academic Leader Michael Barnett expounds on the Trump phenomenon, and student Marta Castillo analyses the effects of divorce on society.  These are just two of the contributions STI made last month to the deliberation on this liquid modernity, as Zygmunt Bauman called it.  

We also take a look back at this year's work, all of which was possible thanks to the collaboration of experts, students, and all of you .  

Happy 2017!

DEC 30

2016 in a Nutshell

With 4 meetings held in 3 locations, 3 books and 2 reports published, several books and projects by collaborators and 4 graduate students embarked on their Master's studies with Social Trends Institute grants, it has indeed been a fruitful year.

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DEC 16

If Only Trump Were as Predictable as Reagan

In a more militarized, unpredictable and unstable world, power becomes regionalized, but I was afraid of that with Reagan, too, and in the end we survived. Under Trump, the US has already lost its status as a reliable ally.

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DEC 27

Does Divorce Contribute to Social Inequalities?

Understanding families in order to understand society. This is the motivation behind Marta Castillo González’ Master’s Degree work. She intends to analyze whether divorce provokes social inequalities. Is this real?

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