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December, 2016

Social Trends Institute, working to analyse the world we live in, offers this month three interviews that deal with three different modern realities.  Robert Picard explores the role of digital media; Neslihan Cevik reflects on Muslimism, and María José Benítez on youth violence in El Salvador. These are three points of view that contribute to the goal of informing the understanding of societal trends.

NOV 14

"Digital Media Even Out the Communications Playing Field"

New digital media have given a voice to those beyond conventional circles. Yet they demand savvy users able to dispassionately weigh their contents and their aims

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NOV 21

Can Faith and Modernity coexist under Muslimism?

There is a new brand of Muslim religious orthodoxy on the rise in places like Turkey, which seeks to engage modernity through the sincere religious belief of individuals. Neslihan Cevik uses the term "Muslimism" to set it apart from other trends.

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NOV 30

"Strong, United Families Will Soon Relegate Youth Gangs to History"

Families should be the essential guarantors of children’s rights, supported but not supplanted by the State. Maria Jose Benítez studies how violence in El Salvador has changed family structure and how public policy can better support family units.

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