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November, 2016

OCT 31

"No one is showing any responsibility in Syria"

The United Nations approved in 2005 the doctrine Responsibility to Protect, with the aim of protecting civilians in the case of conflicts that put their lives at risk. Why isn't it being applied in Syria?

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OCT 24

"The financial industry is a global franchise, and governance has limited leverage to impose global transformations"

Global finance is a world unto itself, with its own rules, practices, norms, expectations, pressures, risks and rewards. Can it be regulated from the outside or modified from within to heal its many disfunctionalities, which effect everyone?

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OCT 10

Prudence Should Lead to an Attitude of Protection towards the Human Embryo

El Salvador hosted a round table on the legal status of the human embryo, considering biological, philosophical, ethical and legal perspectives . This small country is among the few whose constitution recognizes a human embryo’s legal personhood.

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